wtorek, 27 listopada 2007


When I was very young ( now I'm very young too, but when I was younger) my drawing was really, really horrible.... Doctors thought that it wouldn't get better. But they were wrong. In the first class in primary school I was telling everybody that I would become a painter. I wanted to be painter becouse my mum was (and is) painter. But...still I was the worest painter in the world... In the second and third class it won't be better...

piątek, 9 listopada 2007


Leonardo Da Vinci, was the best painter. And I think that his the best paints aren't, for example 'Mona Lisa' or 'Lady with an Ermine' ( it's mean, this pictures are BEAUTIFULL, but they aren't THE BEST. They are just very famous) but I think his the best pictures are sketch from his diarys... Mostly, it was studys to his paints, caricatures, or projects of his inventions...

Something about Leonardo
Leonardo Da Vinci, actually Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, was born in 15 april in 1452 in small town: Vinci, in North Italy, but he died in 5 may in 1519, in France. He was universal man, becouse he was painter, architect, philosopher, musician, poet, discoverer, mechanic, anatomist, geologist. When he was 17 ( but it isn't certain) he went to Veroccio's study, to Florence and he was lern there to 1482. In this year, he went to Milan. And there he worked on Sforza's court... But he wasn't work like painter but... like musican (he plaied on lute) . Prins didn't underestimate him. He only just in 1499 changed this ''work" and in 1505, he moved to Milan. Next, in 1513 he moved. Finally (towards the evening of one's life) he lived in Cloux, in France, on Francesco Melzi's court, becouse king very liked to tolk with him. And there he died...
View famus paintings of Leonardo:


Now I want to show you a few my pictures. I want more painting. I like drawing of pencile, bu colors are my passion.... So, It's my pictures:


First picture, It's portrait of Will Turner, of mein character from my favourite film (actually, it's not my favourite film, but I like it) of Pirates of the Caraibbean . I made it half year ago.

Second picture, present mein character of Pirates of the Caraibbean too. And... what more can I say... I don't finisched this picture (I must to draw his bandanna)

This portreit, present some man (I don't want tell who is it;)) I made it in las year. Unfortunetly, I don't finisched it... But.. mabe it's beter?

The last picture, I made of watercolors, in last vacation. The picture present frog in the water but... with crown on his "head". The picture is on slip A4


So. We can drawing and painting of a lot ways. For example, when we haven't so much many, we can't use airbrush becouse it is very expensive. Then we can use only a pencil. And when we want make 'light' picture we can't use oil paints, but here match perfectly watercolours. So here are some techniqes of paintings:


-crayons(for example: wax crayons)

-oily pastels

-dry pastels


-oil paints